Training and Mentoring

Get help with Training and Mentoring

The Cassells Group can helpTraining and Mentoring can help grow your business you grow or improve your business from the ground up.  Maybe you just need a birds eye view of broader areas like Marketing Consultation or Strategic Planning.

Alternatively you might want help with specific area’s like attracting more customers through the use of Webinars.

Whatever your enquiry we’re listening and you can reach us via our contact page today. We’re ready to help in a way that suits you and for some our clients that means knowing when they want to learn how to “do it themselves”.

We have a variety of Mentoring and Training options for businesses owners and entrepreneurs 

We can offer you one-one sessions on the topic of your choice such as:

  • Business Strategy sessions designed to help you find new clients, increase your revenue and secure repeat sales.
  • Strategic Internet Marketing sessions that will show you how to expand your business rapidly on the internet whilst using the minimum amount of time and energy.

Alternatively, if you feel you need an intense training session we have a two hour online ‘Marketing Boot Camp’ coming up soon where you can fast track everything you need to know to start making positive changes to your business today. 

Below is a selection of what is available, simply contact us through our contact page to find out more.

Strategic Internet Marketing Sessions:
How to expand your business rapidly on the internet using less time and energy.
Business Strategy Sessions:
New clients, increase your revenue and a look into how you could gain repeat sales.
Website Strategy Marketing Report:
Current or new website layout and tactical methods to get the most out of your sales enquiries.
Membership or Ecommerce Sites:
Protect your investment and create an exclusive club.