Story Starter for Sales Teams

Training Day Workshop

Group training for up to 10 members of your sales team

This package is designed to help your sales team understand how to create their own natural, compelling stories that will help build rapport, gain trust and bring prospects closer to a sale.

It will also give them a deeper sense of purpose about how they impact their customer’s lives. This alone has been known to improve revenue.

The workshop includes:

  • Understand what makes a story
  • Stories you will need
  • Examples of stories and how they work
  • Getting the prospect into the emotional part of the mind which creates desire
  • Outline of how to create a story
  • Build trust
  • How to create a rapport plan
  • Be likeable
  • Be memorable
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Create a more powerful USP
  • Why people know when they are being sold to – (few salespeople know the difference between a sales pitch and a story)
  • Understanding the full anatomy your sales process as story-telling
  • Examples of compelling sales stories
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • How to tell a story without making it sound cheesy or manipulative
  • Show credibility even if your business is new
  • The most fun way to build rapport, gain trust and make sales


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