Gordon Cassells

GordonWhat can I do for business owners and entrepreneurs?

I’m often asked “what do I find is the biggest problem facing most business owners or organisations” when trying to build their businesses online or get the most from existing technology.

A difficult question as each business has unique challenges. Yet experience has taught me which choices will move a businesses forward.

So how can I really help business owners and entrepreneurs?

Or in other words what activities and techniques will help business owners get better results?

It was to answer this question and others that I first began working within Internet and Digital Marketing and Business Growth, but also where I became aware that one constant remains within all marketing landscapes.Bad news.

‘That frustrated businesses owners frequently look outside for answers before they’ve fully explored what they already own’. They do this when they should be looking ‘inside the box’.

For example – spending lots of money on banner advertising to get visitors to your website, when your USP is the first place you should be looking to convert prospects into customers.

It pains me to see business owners overlooking some of their greatest assets and hidden opportunities, and has driven my life long desire to help others improve their lives.

My journey began with an interest in how things work. I’ve always liked taking technical things apart to see what made them tick, to discover what was inside, before putting them back together.

I wanted to know why systems worked in a certain way and how I could improve them. Often I would find a thread of what worked best and follow it. I worked hard and this evolved into building my own components and technical systems. With dedication and patience this developed into the business I have today and a strong philosophy based around best practices.

My goal is to deliver Tried and Tested methods that reduce your risk and Fit For Purpose systems that give you maximum efficiency. 

Now watch this video  to find out how I can help your business grow TODAY.

Gordon has been helping business owners and companies solve problems for the last 15 years, first as a freelance Marketing Director and Internet Marketing Strategist and recently as a Business Growth Specialist.

Areas of Expertise

  • Product development
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Video marketing
  • Marketing coaching and training
  • Webinars
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Leadership
  • Helping individuals get what they want from life
  • High conversion platform speaker
  • Public Speaking
  • Coaching
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Strategic marketing


  • Gordon consulted on my online financial training business ‘FD In A Box' developing the marketing and social media strategy plus all the technical aspects including websites; email responders; webinars; PayPal and so much more. Gordon is absolutely honest and reliable and excellent at what he does.
    Jeremy Devlin-Thorp, C.A.2
  • What a refreshing change to find someone in Gordon's field who thinks about what a marketing system should do for the user by focusing on what works, not on what a system can do!! His style is engaging, people focused and actively encourages participation and input. I would not hesitate in seeking his advice, as his pragmatism is a breath of fresh air.”
    Lesley Campbell (PTPI)
  • Gordon interviewed me for an online radio programme/audio blog. His interviewing techniques are first class. Recently he created and hosts my personal website. He advises me on all aspects of social media and all his work is done to a very high standard. He is highly ethical, honest and transparent. I would recommend him  and the Cassells group unreservedly.”
    Martin Stepek LLB Dip.
  • "I have known Gordon for 3 years and have found him to be a trusted and reliable contact. What amazes me about him is he does it right first time, exactly as I had requested it and often delivers ahead of schedule, with high quality production at reasonable rates."
    Lester Smulski, Life Coach3