A natural, easy way to grow your business, increase your impact and sell more without you or your prospect ever feeling awkward

Do you want to make more sales but find the selling part hard? What if you could connect with new customers in an authentic, easy way that has people eager to buy from you? I know how hard it can feel to grow your business.

You know that your product is great. You know that you can really help people with the services you offer. Your customers love what you do, but you are struggling to take your business to the next level. If only you could just reach more people.

You might have tried sharing messages on every social media platform only to feel drained by the time it has taken with no extra customers.
Maybe you tried video – spent money on it, but it didn’t have the hits you hoped.

Adverts were costly and brought some people but then you had to sell to them!!

If only the sales part was easy – right?

Did you know people don’t buy what they need? They buy what they want. Even if it’s the most boring product in the world, like insurance, but they still get what they want which is peace of mind.

But how do you help your customers make the connection between your product or service and what they want?

Use the power of storytelling.

With storytelling at the heart of your marketing and sales plan, you will have people connecting with your brand as never before.

Compelling storytelling methods are being used by all sorts of businesses from card shops, food producers, banking, solicitors to Blue Chip companies to make their company message connect with their market. Have you seen the videos that Apple has made about their watch? Even my most tech-averse friend wanted one after seeing them! Neuroscience has proven stories chemically change the brain to be more receptive.

We all love stories, and you can learn how to craft stories that will bring your great business rewards. Develop your stories into multiple strands that help you to stand out from the crowd and bring you more business.

Your stories are:

  • The secret sauce for your website.
  • The hooks that bring your videos to life
  • The social proof of your business
  • The sales conversations that convert easily
  • The way to grow your business with loyal fans
  • The power behind viral sharing

You can attract new customers in a way both you and they will love.

I can help you to craft inspirational and compelling leadership, sales and business stories.

  • What stories to tell and why
  • Why those stories work
  • How to access the decision-making process of your prospects mind
  • Learn a brain hack that will keep your motivated
  • What to do if you don’t have stories of your own
  • How to show credibility even if your business is new
  • Reach deep into the mind of your prospect and change a perception
  • Create your inspiring, compelling business story which can help you increase prospects and buyers

With your stories crafted, it’s time to share them with the world and see your business grow.

Decide how best to use your stories for your business, through direct conversations, social media posts, direct marketing, video and so much more. Connecting your story strategy to your online marketing to grow your impact, boost your SEO and take your business to the next level.

Training Packages Available Below! 

Story Starter for Sales Teams

For group training of up to 10 members of your sales team. How to create their own natural, compelling stories that will help build rapport, gain trust and bring prospects closer to a sale.
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Story Starter Training for Sales & Marketing Teams Plus Support

Create your company story. Have your salespeople use them to boost sales. Incorporate these compelling stories into all your marketing. Plus make videos that will have you stand out from your competition with your own user-generated content.
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